2012 Tia M M Hegstad

Tia M M Hegstad

Edinburgh, Scotland, 

currently living in Moss, Norway.

I first saw a picture of "October", by James Jaques Joseph Tissot, in a magazine when I was at school. I fell in love with the painting then, and still adore it.

To make my version, I started by nuno felting the background. Then I crocheted the leaves and the ladies skirt, which I needle-felted in place. To get the pattern on the jacket I used fabric pens. I also used a fabric pen to draw her face. Her underskirt is made from old lace, which I bought at an antique fair when I was at school and, amazingly, managed to find when I needed it. Her hat is made from fake suede, with one layer of lace and one of net to make the crown. Her boots are leather. The deer in the background are made from wool yarn, which I needle felted in place. It was a fun project to make, and I am happy with the result.

One day I would like to see the real painting, as I'm sure it's stunning in real life.

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