2012 Perry Lowell Bent

Perry Lowell Bent
Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Saxonville Studios

Inspiration: Etienne Adolphe Piot: A Little Girl Holding a Bird

Title: Times of My Life, Age 8

This is the second piece in my series entitled "The Times of My Life", and was inspired by Piot's "A Little Girl Holding a Bird", which speaks to me of my childhood. His use of warm tones of red and orange and the ruffles in her dress are captured in my piece, and speaks to me of my childhood, innocence, and love of animals.

My freeform crochet was done around the coat hanger, it was not created and then attached. I used a long filament untwisted silk yarn for its sheen and structure.

Materials: Wire coat hanger, safety pin, gold-tone heart charm, silk yarn.

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