2007 Margaret Hubert

Margaret Hubert

Pawling, NY USA

When the challenge first came to our list, I was facing a deadline as usual, and thought that I did not have time for this. But -- I really wanted to be part of it, so I made the time. The challenge was to interpret the elements, Fire, Earth, Water and Air, the only "rule" was that each piece had to have a gold thread to show unity. I started with "Fire", which went fairly easily and quickly. Next I did "Earth", wow I thought, I can do this. "Water" came next, and surprise, surprise, my piece turned into a fish, all by itself :-). I only had "Air" to do, and I was stumped. How on earth do you portray air with crochet stitches. Then I thought, air can be shown in the form of storms. Once my mind went that way, I had less trouble. The "Air" piece took me the longest time, and I liked it least. I saved the 3 D ornament for the Tree of Life for last. I was quickly running out of time, I finally finished, took the pictures and sent them off to Myra, to become part of this amazing work.





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