2007 Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy

Monte Vista, CO USA

Like many freeformers, I rely on color, texture and line to convey each of the elements.  In addition, I see each of these elements translated by my experience and influenced by the palette of the mountain valley landscape that I call home. I purposefully repeated circular motifs to create a visual unity between all four pieces and to recall the universal concepts of eternity and life. I used both commercial and handspun yarns for these works, however, due to time constraints, all the handspun yarns were gifts from my colleagues and friends, Crystal Mascarenas and Christie Perry. In some cases, I dyed these yarns prior to this challenge.

The air here is thin and light, the oxygen molecules farther apart than at lower elevations. I used gold and silver wires for both color and structure for the light, fluffy lace weight angora circles that recall clouds. Clouds, wind, and sometimes, airborne creatures make air visible to us. There are translucent butterflies attached to this piece to further illustrate this.
The piece, Fire, was as hard to control aesthetically as fire is in its natural environment. I assembled and deconstructed this piece twice, demonstrating that destruction is as necessary to the creative process as building. Water reflects the various forms that water can take: liquid, flowing, vapor and ice. Earth follows suit illustrating the differing textures and colors as well as the growth that it sustains.





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