2007 Diane Olsen

Diane Olsen

Dunellen, NJ USA

I loved doing this Elements challenge although I must admit I was

truly challenged by it! It took me a while to finally sit down and work
on them but it made me stretch and learn. Earth came the easiest, Fire
was the most challenging, Water took the longest, and the bird in Air
took a number of tries to finally look like a bird!

EARTH Lushness, wealth, and beauty. Plant growth, gardens, rocks, and

caves. The mysterious mother of all beings. The source of all
productivity. The dust we come from and go to.

WATER Earth floats in water. Life comes from the sea. It refreshes.

Consciousness from the sea of unconsciousness. Impermanence and change.
Flowing, merging, dissolving, and sprinkling. Bubbles. Sensitive to the
slightest movement. Evoking a dim memory of when there was no

AIR Clarity and sharpness. Pure realm of idea. Infinite and free.

Wings of a dove. Breath, joy, relief, bliss. The medium of sound waves.
The universal connecting link.

FIRE Passion. Spark of life. Excitement. Creativity. Consciousness.

Fire is light. Energy. Pulsing physical force.





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