2006 Margaret Perkins

Margaret Perkins
Melbourne, Australia

I am currently in my final year of study for an Advanced Diploma of Studio Textiles after retiring from my previous job as a textile conservator at the Melbourne Museum. I have also been an Agricultural Officer and a Botanical Illustrator in previous 'incarnations' and am trying to work out something to do with the next twenty odd years that will incorporate at least some of the things I am interested in.

The names of the pieces (from top to bottom) are:
'Lavender's Blue'
'Hyperbolic Flower'

I joined the challenge because I liked the concept of people from all around the world working to the same constraints. I enjoyed working with such a variety of yarns although I did find it a little frustrating when there wasn't quite enough of a particular one to finish what I was doing. As for inspiration, I let the yarns themselves tell me what to do after sorting them roughly into colourways.

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