2006 Marcia Hill

Marcia Hill
St. Albans, WV USA

I am a 54-year-old mother of one and grandmother of one, married for 35 years. I work full time for the state government, in utility regulation.

I learned to crochet from my grandmother when my daughter was born, although I have always enjoyed a variety of needlework. In the last few years I have abandoned all but crochet and have begun to teach it on a volunteer basis. I love seeing someone get hooked and knowing he or she will have the pleasure I have.

I have been freeforming for a few years, but didn't know that was what I was doing until I joined an Internet crochet group through
which I discovered the freeform group.

The yarns in this challenge were a treat for me and told me exactly how to use them. I spent several days just looking at the colors and textures and rearranging them before I took a hook to them. Since most of my freeform is multi-colored and I often just stick my hand in a bag for the next piece of yarn without looking, having related colors was a lot of fun and a little bit different. Finally making the decision to start was probably the hardest part of the whole project. Once I got started, the piece created itself in a very short time and left me wanting to do more, which is a good summary of my life.

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