2006 Jorel Thomson

Jorel Thomson
Menlo Park, CA USA

Married forever, two lovely teenage daughters, two dogs, two cats, two rabbits and, currently, a banana slug (which we'll release if he starts looking unhealthy). I started crocheting in college when I realized you could do something besides just sit in a lecture hall. Somehow stumbled unto FF back before we were a yahoo group. Girls were younger then and it was very hard to follow a pattern, since I'd lose my place when distracted, so FF appealed to me. I work more all one piece, not in smaller scrumbles, since I don't like to sew things together. I don't make garments that need to fit, so have not had to deal with some of those issues.

I don't have a name for the pieces. I made the blue/green one first, using the yarns that seemed to fit together. Then I made the black/orange one, using the colors I liked better. I still have lots of yarn left. I had also sent pictures of some fingerless gloves I made from some more of the yarn and still have ideas for what's left.

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