2006 Jodi Huerter

Jodi Huerter
Sarnia, Ontario Canada

I’m 31, and expecting my first child in December with my husband of 4 years.  I’ve always been a creative person.  I’ve always loved to draw and paint and wanted to make that my career.  My mom suggested that I get a degree in something that would pay the bills, so in college I majored in computer science and minored in art.  I enjoyed my art classes immensely, especially my surface design and ceramics classes.

Currently I’m a web developer/webmaster and telecommute from home full-time. (This will be changing to part-time once my child is born.) I’m employed by a company in the U.S., and was able to keep my job when I married my Canadian husband and moved to Ontario.  I enjoy what I do, since web programming is also creative. I get to build programs and design the user interfaces, which can actually be fun.

Having a job in the computer science field pays the bills, and it gives me some spending money for my hobbies.  I’ve had quite a few over the years.  I used to collect Barbie and Gene dolls, Warner Bros. artwork, and KISS memorabila (the rock band).  I’ve given those hobbies up and am now into yarn and fabric!  I started sewing after I got married because I wanted to make curtains and slipcovers for our home.  I also was taught how to knit by my MIL about a year after I was married and picked up crochet about 6 months after that.

In the fall of 2003 I came across Prudence’s website and was in awe.  Freeform seemed like a perfect creative outlet for my developing needlecraft skills. I enjoyed crazy quilting because of the creative ways I could use scrap fabric and embroidery and freeform applies the same way to yarn.  I also like the freedom it offers for creating truly unique items.  Although I haven’t done much freeform, I do enjoy working at it when I can.  I don’t mind following patterns to create garments, but freeform is a nice break from that. I think my newness to crochet was why I so easily picked up the elusive bullion stitch used frequently in freeform. Thanks to members on the FF list I’ve accumulated quite a book collection in addition to a yarn stash.

"Sunset to Twilight"
  I didn't quite know at first what to do with all the different colors and types of yarn, so I split them up by color family.  I then selected 3 yarns from each family and started working.  I used the blues and greens first and then moved to the purples and dark pinks.  I started to struggle with how I could incorporate the rest of the yarns I selected, so I took a break. After I returned to work on the scrumble, I noticed that I could make the piece look like a change in the sky at sunset and twighlight.  Then finishing the rest of the scrumble was easy.  It practically finished itself and enabled me to incorporate yarns that I hadn't originally selected.

This challenge definitely was a challenge!  It forced me to work with yarns and colors I wouldn't necessarily combine.  It also gave me an opportunity to try to incorporate a theme in creating a scrumble.

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