2006 Barbara Rosenberg

Barbara Rosenberg
Canton, OH USA

Starting with a selection of five or six yarns, I begin to crochet. After a few stitches, the hook and yarn seem to take on a life of their own. From those first several yarns, I continue to add others spontaneously, as the work takes on its unique shape.  The warm and sensuous hand carved wooden hooks I use develop their own rhythm as the colors and textures of the fabric combine to create shapes and designs that express my enthusiasm and passion for life.  Free Form is a perfect match for my love of new adventures and new ideas.
Although my grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a child, I hadn't crocheted for almost 30 years when I decided to pick it up again. That was almost 3 years ago and it has given a whole new direction to my life.
When I am not working on my crochet art or spending time with my husband, three children, their spouses, and 2 grandchildren, I continue to work as an active community volunteer and now incorporate my art into many of my volunteer efforts.

  The opportunity to participate in an International Free Form Challenge immediately following the CGOA conference gave me an opportunity to strengthen the relationships I made while in California while making new ones on-line.  It also stretched me artistically, challenging me to change my approach to a project and to think in a new way about the work I do.
Our efforts to bring the world together through artistic crochet could be a model for creating relationships that lead to positive interactions and understanding around the world. I hope the love that we felt while crocheting comes through to those who view this exhibit.  Peace to all.

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