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60 Odd/ a Fiber Odyssey is the result of a project that includes fiber artists from around the globe. Each artist started out by selecting their favorite yarn and sent in 61 five yard bundles. In return all received 61 different, five yard skeins of luscious fibers, as diverse as the members themselves. The challenge was to use the yarns in an 8 inch by 8 inch scrumble. Of the 61 original participants who sent yarn, all but 4 sent in finished work. As you will see, some members chose to select only some of the yarns and some used all of the yarns so each person’s voice is uniquely expressed through the choices they made but there is a common thread running throughout.

Just like any great symphony, 60/Odd is about the blend of the entire exhibit. Each note alone is, indeed, beautiful but the harmonic of the show as a whole is its own special song.  And like any fine recipe, we invite you to look at each page and savor the flavors that go into this delicious offering.

The Artists

Andrea (Cookie) Shuman
Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten
Barbara Hillary
Barbara Pretzsch
Barbara Rosenberg
Betty Savage
Bev Schneider
Bonnie Pierce
Bonnie Prokopowicz
Brenda Cummings
Brianna Settle
Candy Grammel
Chris Coghill
Claudia Dunitz
Diane Olsen
Diane Simpson
Edie Evans
Edna Boland
Elyse Feldman
Gloria Chukman
Gwen Blakley Kinsler
Helen Jordan
Jackie Jones
Jane Rogerson
Jerry Rigdon
Jodi Huerter
Jorel Thomson
Joyce Williams
Katherine Settle
Khadijah Lacina
Lauri Michel
Leslie Roth
Leslie Sirag
Lori Bradley
Lynda Underwood
Lynette Hendricks
Marcia Hill
Margaret Perkins
Marianne Seiman
Mayra Nieves-Bekele
Myra Wood
Nancy Nagle
Patrice Walker
Pirkko Vega
Prudence Mapstone
Ruth Marler
Sally Morrison
Shane Sakata
Shelby Allaho
Shirley Lines
Susan Dilger
Susan Settle
Susie Bowring-Miller
Vicki Collins
Virginia West
Zelda K

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