2016 Lynda Morgan

Lynda Morgan 
Burleson, Texas USA

Legend Of The Bluebonnet 

Many moons ago Texas was in a deadly drought with crops failing, water drying up, animals dying, now the Comanche people were falling ill. 

One of the little girls prayed to the Great Spirit and gave her most treasured possession…a rag doll.

 The next morning all awoke to the sound and smell of rain. The Great Spirit also left a very special gift because the child gave what she loved with an open heart. All the hills were covered in Bluebonnets.

In early Spring the Bluebonnet blooms along with the Indian Paintbrushes. They don’t stay long but glorious while here. 

Texas adopted it as the state flower. 

The majestic oak tree represents the small Comanche girl and my spirit guides is the wise owl and crafty wolf.

Created from a mind that loves her home state and proud to be Texan…..
Porcelain faces-Linsart
Canvas covered in a recycled sweater and tye dyed
Pieces of broken jewelry 
Yarns of different weight and colors
Numerous kinds of stitches 

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