2016 Kaye Adolphson

Kaye Adolphson
Lilydale, Victoria, Australia

Gumnut baby

This neck adornment depicts the beautiful red colours of a native Australian flowering gum. Hiding amongst the cascading gum leaves is a little gum nut baby. This mythical little cutie is the creation of the legendary Australian author and illustrator, May Gibbs who has been delighting readers with her stories of the bush for 100 years. Her first book “Gumnut babies” was first published in 1916. 
We have one of these beautiful trees in our back garden.


  1. Oh Kaye, what a beautiful tribute to May Gibbs, lovely work!

  2. that blended yarn you have used for the gum leaves really depicts the colour range of the eucalyptus SO well, and the way the strong sunlight will catch an edge and make it flash in the dry wind. Inspired work and one of my favourites. I too, grew up with the May Gibbs stories and loved her illustrations. I could SO wear this piece.

  3. So cute. Love the texture, and love the variegated leaf colors


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