2014 Marilyn Kerr

Marilyn Kerr
Union City, CA

My color choice for the 2014 free form one color challenge is Persian Lime.  It is the color of my Bearss Persian Lime tree and fruit. I was so delighted and inspired by this year's FreeForm Challenge! I had a number of large Moorish Persian motifs that no longer inspired me, for a variety of reasons--the colors didn't work, the shapes didn't work, I was at a loss as to what to do with them. However, the one-color challenge really made them work for me! Suddenly, the shapes were like the cut limes, and the colors were the colors of the lime tree, its flowers and fruit.  The tree leaves are a brilliant green, the flowers are whitish, but always with pink or purple touches. The fruits start out brightly green, slowly turning deep yellow-green to bright yellow-green. I cut the fruits open to reveal a shape like my Persian motifs! I am so delighted to present my Persian Lime free-form throw!

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