2014 Daiva Kairyte Houston

Daiva Kairyte Houston

For this challenge I chose to work with an upcycled sweater.  It has been washed on hot and shoulders were very tight and narrow.  I loved purple color and linen material, and I knew it would be a perfect freeform project to make it wearable again. 

Purple is a color of intuition.  It balances cold (blue) and warm (red), stability and creativity, calm and activity, and therefore is also color of balance.  But mostly for me, it is a color of magic. When I connect to the depths of the amazing physical world we live in, I can feel and see magic all around. Magic in feeling sweet smell of the lilac flowers, sound of the wind and tree canopy symphony, purple jacaranda tree blossom rain, playful hummingbird flight...Life here on Earth is never ending delight in any moment, that I am connected and present.
Now this lovely sweater has a second life, and I have a purple linen sweater. 

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