2014 Cheryl Kopec

Cheryl Kopec

I had an abundance of pinks in my stash this year, so the color for my project was practically chosen for me already. Since I like my crochet work to be functional as well as decorative, I began looking around to see what I wanted to use it for. I have a bathroom window that I’ve always felt needed a little more privacy, so I created a window hanging to cover the lower half. It is opaque enough to offer the desired privacy, but open enough to let in a fair amount of natural light, bathing the room in a rosy glow.

This year’s project inspired me to try my hand at some new and little-used techniques. There’s a variation on Tunisian for the background, some broomstick lace, a bit of loose weaving at the top, and a new edging stitch called the “box stitch,” among others. All in all, I had a lot of fun with this year’s Challenge!

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