2014 Bonnie Prokopowicz

Bonnie Prokopowicz

Purple Power

I like to play with words and numbers as well as fiber.  Once I picked purple, the phrase “purple power” ran through my head.  That led naturally to “power of two” and thus was born my idea for this piece: restrict the parameters beyond one color.  
Will it still look and feel like freeform?  

I came full circle with the following rules:
Purple power
Powers of two
Two stitches
Stitches in Rows
Rows of purple

I crocheted in rows only, and the number of stitches in every row is a power of two.  Only chain and back loop single crochet stitches were used.  

Did it feel like freeform as I made it?  Yes and no.  Oddly, restrictions freed me in some ways: I didn’t suffer as much from indecision.  And yet, at times I got a little annoyed at having to follow rules.  Does it look like freeform?  You tell me!

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