2011 Lynne M. Mack

Lynne M. Mack

Fish Out of Water

Mysteries of the deep! Are there mermaids – as the ancient mariners believed? Or sea monsters?  What lies beneath the depths of our oceans, lakes and rivers? Only the sea creatures know. These vast expanses of water hold a mysterious pull toward the unknown. And because human nature is ever curious, continuous attempts are being made to explore below the surface.
We really don’t know all that’s down there. Where do fish go once they leave the river and swim out to sea, and what instinct compels them to return to their place of birth?
We keep exploring the depths of the seas which has captivated humankind for a millennium. I am reminded of the Greek myth of sea nymphs who lured sailors to their destruction on the rocks with their seductive singing. Does the desire to express ourselves have a similar lure?
Does the mostly unknown life path of the fish hold a metaphor for us? Are we compelled to venture down unknown paths to fulfill our inner self?

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