2009 Lynne M. Mack

Lynne M. Mack

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I Never Promised you a Rose Garden

A summer garden delivers better than any rainbow can. The flowers dance together in the sunshine, sometimes challenged by the heat of the day. We the care-givers water for another day.

Warning of Winter

Fall brings unbelievable colours to the uninitiated: crimson reds, bright yellows and oranges, along with intense blue skies and fast moving clouds as the wind plays with the leaves and twirls them up high.

Renewal and Hope

Spring brings excitement, to watch the first daffodil open up, then the crocuses are out and last a day or two before the squirrels bite their heads off! Fiddleheads are magical as they untwist themselves tall up into the sunlight.

Hibernation and Hopefulness

Winter is such a seasonal contrast, one that encourages cocooning and hibernating, sitting in front of the fire. Then get out and ski and enjoy, breath in the cold air, secure in the thought that warmth is through the door.


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