2006 Zelda K

Zelda K
Gambier, OH USA

The journey begins. I display the yarns and beads from all around the world on a cloth covered tray. Through a labyrinth of color and texture I move with eyes and fingertips, feasting. First one yarn speaks, and then another....another.... One by one they speak, and the first piece is conceived. The yarns continue speaking, crochet hooks and fingers respond as directed, and the first piece is born. Only now do I learn its name -

"Garden Paths."

   The remaining yarns clamor for attention. So I return, repeat the process, and a second piece is conceived and born - "Sunspots." And a third - "Sea Bounty." Much fainter now, but still I hear the call of the remaining yarns. Yes, I think I can see another piece taking shape.... - "Skyways," leaving just the right amount of materials for one last piece - "Earth Cycles." And the journey is complete. Each scrap of yarn, each bead in its chosen place. Nothing added, nothing left out. I didn't plan it that way, that's just the way it happened.

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