2006 Susan Settle

Susan Settle
Fairfield, CA USA

I want to thank each participant, because each and every contribution to this traveling exhibit is special and unique, whether it was created by someone just beginning to free form, or a seasoned pro, and I know that each piece will contribute something special and worthwhile to the exhibit, so congratulations, everyone!
   Now for a little information on my piece... I didn't start with any preconceived idea about what I was going to create. I find when I begin to free form, if I wait to see what develops, something always happens to "tell" me how the piece wants to be created, and I then follow that lead.  This particular piece became a dragon!  It was a challenge to create him when I kept running out of the yarn I was working with, but I had all the different yarns spread out in front of me while I was working, and the next one kept popping out at me, so it went fairly quickly once I began working.
   In the East, the dragon is viewed as a benevolent, revered being.  I have been familiar with dragons from the time I was a very young child, when my Mother, a Chinese Brush Painting artist, created a story about a dragon that she painted as the story unfolded.  In my Elementary School years, I was so proud and thrilled when she would come to my class to tell her story, paint her dragon, and ignite the imaginations of so many young people around her. I'm so thankful I've had the honor of watching her do this for so many years, for hundreds of students.   So this piece is dedicated to my Mom!!
   Susan Settle
(One of the Moderators for the Free Form group)

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