2006 Prudence Mapstone

Prudence Mapstone
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Long-time knitter and yarn collector, who was once just a spasmodic crocheter until I started adding crochet to my random knitting, to create freeform wearable art garments.

My package of yarns arrived in the mail on the day before I left for a 2 week visit to New Zealand.  For me there is always the temptation to raid my stash and take far too much yarn with me when I travel, even though I know that I am sure to add at least a little something to my luggage from every wool shop that I pass (or go miles out of my way to visit!). Receiving such a wide variety of small skeins for this challenge came at an ideal time, and I worked on my pieces in various motel rooms along the way when I wasn't feeling too tired after a day of workshops or demonstrations.  On the first night I sorted all the yarns by colour, and put them into three separate bags, but I only had time to complete 2 pieces by the exhibition deadline.

I have always found teals and purples very easy to work with, and my first piece developed almost automatically.  I set myself a little bit more of a challenge with the 'brights and lights', since I often tend to avoid pastels, and rarely combine them with stronger colours.  The third bag of yarns, which will travel with me on a future trip, is still waiting to be used, but I know I will also enjoy combining all the stronger greens with the remaining deep, warm colours.

As is my usual practice, each of the pieces here combine both crochet and knitting, and involve very many yarn, stitch and direction changes.  After the initial first small section for each patch was completed, the works were further developed by joining directly onto and into the piece, so that no sewing was involved.

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