2006 Myra Wood

Myra Wood
Sherman Oaks, CA USA

I am a certifiable fiber fiend. A crazed yarn addict who definitely suffers from SABLE (stash aquired beyond lifetime expectancy). I've been known to stalk LYS and stay up way too late watching Ebay lots.
My motto? "There is no such thing as too much yarn."

This challenge has meant so many incredible things to me. Mainly it has been the chance to connect with and share my love of fiberart with friends far and wide who share the same obsession.
I also found myself working WAY outside my comfort zone and exploring a whole new world of color and fiber that I probably never would have since my goal was to use all of the yarns. I'm now looking at my stash in a whole new way. (And I think I need to go shopping...Wanna come?!)

During the challenge I wrote this poem, which is also the name of my piece:

"String Theory"

Weaving songs with sticks and string.
Passing along ancient, timeless knowledge.
Heart strings connecting each of us with yarn
In so many different colors and voices.
Strings that connect us to all that Is.
Who’ve ever woven the great cloth of life
Leaving small legacies for  those to come
so they’ll wonder too about the life that made them.
These beautiful things.
These endless connections.
I’m blessed to be on this journey.

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