2006 Lori Bradley

Lori Bradley
Kingston Springs, TN USA

I learned to crochet when I was 9 years old.  My mother had discovered granny squares and taught my grandmother and me that winter while we were snowed in.  My first project was 3 granny squares of rust colored acrylic.  After making the squares, I went around them again and again with double crochets and joined them to make a drawstring bag.  I went on to make baby blankets for my hope chest.  Then I got bored.  After I married, I picked up crochet again.  I mostly made toys for my kids and small projects.  I've always enjoyed making garments, but have to struggle with traditional patterns since I crochet tightly.  The filet bonnet I made for my daughter to wear home from the hospital was so tight I had to stretch it over her head and tie it down!
This challenge has been a huge learning experience.  I looked at all the colors and thought I'd never be able to choose.  The dark ritzy fibers really spoke to me, and I just determined to let go and have fun.  And I did!  My first scrumble would make a cute potholder.  I want to do something more ambitious with my large scrumble.  I'm kinda stuck on it right now, when the fun hits, I'll be able to finish it.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has done.  I am prepared to be dazzled!
I really want to thank Myra Wood for hosting the challenge.  She is such an upbeat and kind person.  I don't think I would be able to even take on the larger scrumble without her encouragement and flexibility.  There are so many sweet and tremendously talented people in our freeform crochet group, inspiration is always a click away.  Margaret Hubert's freeform booklets and patterns gave me a starting place and an idea of how to start on a project.  When anyone asks me about learning to crochet I always recommend her videos and booklets.

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