2006 Elyse Feldman

Elyse Feldman
New York City, NY USA

I've worn so many hats, but  the two major threads that run thru my life are the need to teach and to learn. For many years I taught and had a private practice - working with people who had learning disabilities.  One of my degrees is in Art but it wasn't until I left teaching that I could find the time to dabble in various creative arenas.  I became a paper engineer (pop-ups)  and have finished a book I hope to get published. I love working with my hands and seeing something grow and take shape that didn't exist before. So it was a natural fit, when I found out about free form
 that I would be drawn to it and I look forward to where it will lead me.

The outcome of  both these pieces was a surprise to me.  Since I couldn’t use stitches to define the design as I had expected to do, I had to rely solely on color and so I found myself  “painting” it.  For the “still life” I used ribbon for the background and  tacked the whole work  to a piece of  stiff canvas.  IMO it looks more interesting than a photo can show  because of  all  the raised textures in it which keep changing how the piece looks as the lighting changes.

As for so many of us who entered the challenge I found it a stretch to use so many types of yarn  I had never used before.  Some I fell in love with, like the thick and thin yarn, but some of the eyelash type yarns were difficult to work with because I kept losing my place.  On the whole, it was a great opportunity to experiment with new things and to learn, which is always a turn on for me.

The second piece is called “Madison Avenue Medicine Bag.”  I  had no idea that it would become a bag, it just sort of happened.  It felt more like  an experiment because there were no preconceived parameters in my head and I was curious to see how all the new kinds of yarn would feel and look. 

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