2006 Bonnie Prokopowicz

Bonnie Prokopowicz
Oak Park, IL USA

"Friends In Stitches"

My main inspiration was that I wanted to include dolls in my piece, sincemaking dolls brings me such joy; I felt that would come through in my piece, and that was something I wanted to share with viewers. I also wanted to create a piece with a specific meaning to see whether that enhanced my enjoyment of my work; usually I just create something purely based on aesthetics. Dolls were just the right vehicle; they are movable on the piece, representing the changeable nature of our relationships to each other and our environment. I found that meaning enhanced the experience of creation for me, but is not essential to my enjoyment.

Bonnie is a software engineer by profession and a doll artist by avocation. She taught herself how to crochet when she was 12, but only dabbled until she started crocheting regularly in her early 20s. She made a few crocheted dolls for children as gifts through the years, and then a workshop in a friend?s basement in the mid-90s planted the seed to make art dolls. The seed didn't grow until 1998 when the first set of art dolls was born: beaded and crocheted dolls.
Bonnie also has made a number of wire and fabric dolls, but crochet is her favorite medium and she has concentrated on freeform crochet dolls since 2002. Bonnie enjoys all aspects of freeform crochet: color mixing, textures, and the ability to control shape and form easily, all of which provide a wonderful means for the creation of her dolls.

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