2006 Allie Thompson

Allie Thompson
Concord, California USA


Allie Thompson is a bead & fiber artist and teacher. She has been doing freeform crochet for about 13 years. She has had articles on beadwork published in Bead & Button magazine. She lives in California with her husband and 5 kids.

"Colorful Ladies" This piece was inspired by the challenge itself. I was so excited to be doing this international challenge. The idea of women from all over the world, sharing yarn and creating beautiful works of art for this was so inspiring that I decided to create my "Colorful Ladies" to represent all the different women from all over the world stitching away. I originally wanted to make lots of women, but it became apparent that I did not have enough yarn to make everyone (all 60 Odd), so I settled on 3, and used a little of all the yarns to make the fringe.

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