2007 Zelda K

Zelda K

Gambier, OH USA


Sense of solidity and substance. Source of chemical elements for the body which houses the soul. Receptacle for the water which bathes our cells. Center which collects the atmosphere from which we breathe in life and become living souls. Living, breathing earth.

Currents and tides and wavelets and eddies. Tsunamis and floods and bathtubs full of hot release.  Triune existence as liquid, solid, or vapor, changing freely from one form to another and back again with no change of its essential self. It cleanses and it kills. It soothes and it terrifies. Most changeable of elements, water constantly reminds us that life is perpetual change, that nature is raw and wild, even when we think we have her tamed.


Purification. Transformation. Coexisting destruction and creation. The Phoenix cannot rise anew except from the ashes. The river of fire runs through all of creation.


Air is really invisible, but a whole lot of invisible joined together won't make a very impressive work of fiber art, so the next best thing is things the mind thinks of in association with air. Like soft fluffy clouds. With one tiny ray of golden sunshine peeking through at the edge. Clouds retrieve the water vapor we can’t see from the air we can’t see, to return it to us in usable form. Air is the laboratory in which many of these essential processes occur. Sort of like our souls. And just as easily ignored and polluted.

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